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With the CD re-release of their latest EP, Flatliner, on Artoffact Records, there has been a lot of new buzz surrounding ΔAIMON. ΔAIMON’s music trembles with dark, dramatic, and enigmatic tones, conjuring a variety of influences from grave wave and witch house to goth and industrial circles. But rather than just replicate these genres, this San Diego duo has annexed the most appealing aspects to produce a uniquely romantic and intoxicating music project.

interview by : Hangedman
photographer : Kim Lostroscio

If you were to describe ΔAIMON to someone who has never heard your music, how would you describe it?
ΔAIMON : We usually describe our music as primarily working within dark electronic atmospheres built upon nostalgic/melancholic, anxious, and erotic context. It’s sometimes claustrophobic or charged with sexual tension and often rife with occultism but is always a true portrayal of the dynamic between the two of us.

The sound, imagery, and band branding of ΔAIMON follows with the recent trends of grave wave and witch house. Yet ΔAIMON stands out in those genres as a sound with more depth, that draws heavily from industrial and goth genres. Was this an intentional move, a way to do something more with the trend?
ΔAIMON : We were primarily adopted into the witch house scene due to our imagery and shared interests. Having found a sense of camaraderie and renewed enthusiasm for progressive music, we had no reason to disagree with this association. I’d say our particular influences and music background has been what sets us apart from what is conventionally considered witch house. It wasn’t a specific decision to be unique within the trend as much as it was a conscious decision to faithfully represent ourselves regardless of genre defining.

read the full interview in the October/November 2012 Issue

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