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This is one of those finds that once you’ve seen it, you can’t not know it’s out there. And knowing that, you count your pennies til you can get it. Introducing the Vampire Bat Backpack, an “extreme” limited edition bag by Cult Appeal, a label based in Germany. They are statement pieces that will make you “extremely” unique and stand out in whatever crowd you may be in. The Vampire Bat Backpack is handcrafted and each piece has its own molded black latex bat “skin” which, like a fingerprint, will always be slightly unique. It’s a limited run, so not all of your friends are going to be able to get it either. It’s a sturdy little guy, the smallest in the latest Cult Appeal line, but definitely big enough to carry all the essentials. This bat is one to watch out for, and with its red eyes staring out, it’s sure to be a trusty companion no one’s going to want to sneak up on!

The Vampire Bat Backpack is available online for $95 at

– Tasha Farrington

Tasha Farrington
Tasha Farrington aka Pretty Deadly Stylz was Auxiliary’s Fashion Editor for many years and is now a fashion contributor, a fashion stylist represented by Behind the Image, and a first time mom.
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