item of the week : Black Leather Claw Gloves by Medievalfashion

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Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? The smell of the soft leather, the gleam of the metal details, the feel of the sharp claws, the knowledge that no one is going to mess with you while you are in these. Yeah… beautiful. Honestly, I haven’t been this excited about a leather glove in a long time. The leather-works master behind this amazing set of killer claws is Chris DeSmith, and I am in awe of his skill. These are hand-crafted. The gloves come in brown, black, white, or red. On top of that you can choose either Eagle or Bear claws. It’s honestly one of those rare finds that when you see it, you know you have to have it. Also, these are adjustable, so you can share nicely, or better yet, everyone can get their own pair!

Medievalfashion’s Black Leather Gothic Steampunk Claw Gloves are available online for $39.95 at

– Tasha Farrington

Tasha Farrington
Tasha Farrington aka Pretty Deadly Stylz was Auxiliary’s Fashion Editor for many years and is now a fashion contributor, a fashion stylist represented by Behind the Image, and a first time mom.
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  1. Hi, I would just like to say that these gloves are a ripoff of the glove design by Dark Cloud Leather and their sister company Stronghold Leather. The pattern was given to them by the owner of the original clawpaws over a decade ago. Dark Cloud and Stronghold also handmake all of their products, as well as hand dye the leather and offer more choices in terms of color and style. You can see their work at, on their facebook page, or in their eBay store.

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