October/November 2012 Issue out now!

The October/November 2012 issue is the twenty fourth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. This issue features an interview and exclusive photoshoot with The Birthday Massacre, an interview and exclusive photoshoot with Chris Vrenna of tweaker and known for his days with Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, an interview with De/Vision, an interview with ∆AIMON, an artist spotlight on Vincent Marcone of My Pet Skeleton, a designer spotlight on Starkers! Corsetry, an icon feature on Louise Brooks, a brick and mortar feature on Cats Like Us, an editorial by Alex and Bruce of I Die:You Die, and Asphyxia Noir as our PinUp. The issue also contains a futuristic battle royale fashion editorial, a Halloween party monsters’ ball fashion editorial, a steamdeath beauty editorial, a seeress beauty editorial, and a grave wave style article. It features photography by Ian Compton, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Laura Dark, Shane Phillips, Saryn Christina, Jennifer Erickson, Amena Assaily, Steve Prue, Kim Lostroscio, Shannon Hamilton, Bailey Northcott, Jennifer Link, and Ron Douglas and features fashions by DarkSpectre Custom Couture, ClockworkZero, Cyeoms, Miss G Designs, Madem Black, Maddox Leather Design, Widow, RockLove Jewelry, Shalottlilly, Lime Crime, Rockeresque Beauty Co., Victoria Wilson Corsets, Dr. Martens, Miista, Sourpuss, Cherry Underground, Wildfox Couture, and much much more.

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