interview : Amanda Palmer

About to release her first studio album in four years with new collaborators The Grand Theft Orchestra and embark on a US and European tour, Amanda Palmer the talented musician, songwriter, artist, and performer, sometimes known as Amanda Fucking Palmer by both haters and loving fans alike talks about punk cabaret, her record breaking Kickstarter campaign, the controversy that follows her every move, and her personal style.

interview by : Gia Manalio-Bonaventura

With her new album, Theatre is Evil, Amanda Palmer is on the road, creating art, and taking the stage. She took some time out of her incredibly busy schedule to talk to us about her creative process, art as expression, her fashion style, and, of course, the new album. A schedule that is so busy, we talked over the phone while she was in a cab, running errands, and fulfilling the obligations she had that day. The fact that she took us along is just one more example of the lengths Amanda will go to in order to reach out to her fans. So without further ado, Amanda Palmer…

When I first heard your name as Amanda Fucking Palmer, I actually just thought it was my friend being a fan, and saying it that way to express her enthusiasm about your music. Now I see it in all sorts of places, including your official website. Where did that come from?
Amanda Palmer : [laughs] It was a re-appropriation. Kind of like nigger. Someone threw it my way as an insult, and I decided to just run with it.

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