designer spotlight : Collective Chaos

interview by : Vanity Kills
photographer : Collective Chaos Photography
models : Marlo Marquise and Elegy Ellem

The law according to Collective Chaos states that going green and staying true to your indulgent, hedonistic roots don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive concepts. Environmentally responsible living doesn’t confine you to a life of Birkenstocks and shapeless hemp-woven sacks. It does however force you to rethink your contribution to the local landfill. One way to put the brakes on the over-consumption madness, so prevalent in modern society, is to reduce textile waste. How, you ask? For starters, pondering your fashion purchases long and hard before plunking down the plastic for clothing that sacrifices quality, longevity, and, frankly often, originality in favor of a more attractive (read: cheap) price point. Sure, that out-of-the-box mass produced one-size-allegedly-fits-all latex mini will cost you no more than a price of a movie ticket and medium popcorn, but how many wears will you truly get out of it before it inevitably rips and begins its funeral procession to the city dump. Need I even mention that ten other girls will probably be rockin’ it too? On the same night, in the same club. No, thanks. So what’s the sexiest, most wardrobe-enhancing way to put less stress on our planet’s valuable resources? Collective Chaos’s latex pieces answer that pressing question by fleshing out the well known conservation concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in the most sensuous way yet. Simply reduce the amount of filler apparel, by buying the highest quality pieces you can really shine in (figuratively and literally). Reuse by investing in exceptionally versatile garments, which can easily be styled in a thousand different ways (the V-Luptuous dress immediately springs to mind). And if you wish to part with your garb, you can easily recycle all of Collective Chaos’s 100% biodegradable, fair trade manufacturer produced latex. Sustainability has never felt so sumptuous.

What’s the best way to ease into latex for those curious, yet unfamiliar with its second-skin bodyhugging feel? Which one of your pieces would you recommend for a first time wearer?
Aliona : Wearing latex feels much more natural than you may realize. Most people are familiar with the comforting tightness of workout clothes and the sensual feel of leather. Well, if you marry the two, adding a dose of shine, sensuality, glamour, and invincibility, you might get an idea of what latex feels like. It’s impossible to describe, it needs to be experienced. My best advice for popping the latex cherry would be to, one, test your allergies, two, learn how to properly wear and take care of it, and, three, opt for spending a bit more, but on a higher quality piece, too many people get turned off by buying a cheap sample that does not fit or last.

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