interview : Nadia G of Bitchin’ Kitchen

Hostess of the popular cooking show Bitchin’ Kitchen on Food Network Canada and the Cooking Channel in the US, and releasing her second cook book, Cooking for Trouble, Nadia G is heating things up with her cooking, humor, and style!

interview by : Tasha Farrington

I don’t know about all of you out there, but here at Auxiliary we like to eat. When we’re looking for something inspiring and fun to cook, we run to one cooking show, Bitchin’ Kitchen, with its super stylish creator and hostess Nadia G! Nadia Giosia is a one of a kind and refreshing take on what’s on in the land of food TV. In 2007 Bitchin’ Kitchen debuted as a three-minute online show. It was a fun and lively show mixing comedy and food. Fan’s wanted more and in 2009 a cookbook came out to satisfy the masses titled Rock Your Kitchen and Let the Boys Clean Up the Mess. Attracting attention of the networks in 2010 Bitchin’ Kitchen premiered on Food Network Canada and in 2011 brought her bitchin’ style to the Cooking Channel in the US. This year her new cookbook, Cooking for Trouble, was released and it’s about time Auxiliary caught up with this fast paced cooking goddess!

Jumping right in… what’s the process for creating the show?
Nadia G : Bitchin’ Kitchen is a comedy cooking show. So we’ll choose a theme every week, break-up brunches, rehab recipes, dysfunctional family pizza night, do all the comedy on that theme and then cook a meal that goes with it.

You’ve often said that your grandmother, mother, and aunts could rival any of the top chefs and you take a lot of inspiration from their traditions. Where else do you find inspiration with regards to cooking recipes for the show?
NG : I love to eat, so I’ll go to a restaurant and say, ‘wow, this is a really amazing brown butter sauce, wouldn’t it be fantastic with apricots.’ Just tasting food that other cooks and chefs make is always very inspiring.

read the full interview in the June/July 2012 Issue

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One comment on “interview : Nadia G of Bitchin’ Kitchen”

  1. Nadja…(this j was not a typo!) I haven’t seen anything (or anybody) quite like you and your show. I’m a food/cooking fanatic myself, and am all Cooking Show’d out! (I’ve seen em ALL & can tell you everybody’s specific “catch phrases” like the most obvious: Emeril’s BAM) So, I’ve been watching them for YEARS. But your show is DEFINITELY different, FUNNY (which is important, especially when it’s on purpose, and not Nathalie Dupree knocking lids off of her pots!) Plus, I have a thing for Italian women, as I don’t get to see many, since moving to CA (from CT, which is like NY) in 1981! So, I can’t HELP but dig you, the “attitude”, and of course, you crack me up! Keep up the good work. Glad you’re doing new shows, as I JUST discovered you recently. I would LOVE to meet you, have a few drinks, EAT, and hang out. Of course, I’m sure there is an unwritten “waiting list”! And fans can be creepy, so I don’t ever expect to meet you, as my “show biz” days are over, (musician/drummer/producer) since taking over our family business. But best wishes, “Cent Anni!” And please, don’t ever change! Love ya! Ben Faiella (yep, a fellow Paisan!) But we say “Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!” in the States, (and THOSE states are back east.) In L.A. they say, “Orale” (Odelay, to Beck!) Culture shock. Even the Italian restaurants are all run by Mexicans. I’m not a racist, but I AM a “purist”! ;-) Peace!

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