interview : Praga Khan of Lords of Acid

With the release of the first new Lords of Acid album in over eleven years Deep Chills, Praga Khan has found a way to refresh the sound while staying true to its origins.

interview by beLIEve

I’ve been listening to your music since the mid-90s and it’s an honor to be speaking with you today. With 68 releases and 421 appearances as Praga Khan, 33 releases and 120 appearances as Lords of Acid (numbers from Discogs), your collective catalog is immense. However, it’s been eleven years since you’ve released an album under Lords of Acid and six since you released “Pick-Up Truck”, could you talk for a minute about what’s been keeping you away from production for so long?
Praga Khan : Well, let me thank you, I didn’t know that it was so large. The thing was that I was involved with a lot of creative stuff here in Europe. I did some music for the Royal Ballet, and I have done soundtracks and theater, and a lot of creative stuff with local performers. A lot of tours in theaters with different performers of every genre. It was really creative, and really got into it, but lost my focus on the music…

You say that you lost your focus, how did you get your nose “back to the grindstone” and get back to the music?
PK : It’s not that I didn’t like music, but it was like a different music on a different level. It was theaters and movie scores and stuff like that. But then I got a phone call from American management, and they said that, ‘there was a lot of youngsters that are into Lords of Acid now, would you think about doing a new record album?’ And I wanted to see it for my own eyes, so I came over and played a couple of songs to see what was happening. And then we booked a tour two years ago, and I was really surprised that so many people came out to see the shows. And was really surprised that there were so many young people that came to see the shows. And that really was when I decided to write some new music. Because I am not a person that can write something on command, it has to come from within… I was touring and had a lot of talks with fans and decided to go back into the studio.

read the full interview in the April/May 2012 Issue

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