interview : Motor

This April Motor will release their fourth studio album, Man Made Machine on CLRX. This album sees Motor shifting gears from their familiar distorted techno sound to a more song-oriented style featuring guest vocals from major stars such as  Martin L. Gore of Depeche Mode, Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb, and Gary Numan. We caught up with Bryan Black  in New York ahead of Motor’s gig at the Mayday Festival in Germany to speak about his experiences performing on the world stage and how he stays ahead of the game.

photographer : Daniel Martinez
art director & stylist : Ariana Paoletti
interview by : Ariana Paoletti

I saw recently that you worked on a track with Julien K, “We’re here with you”, did you write the track together?
Bryan Black : I did the drums and the synths and the bassline, I sent it to them and they did the vocals and the rest… they arranged it. So it was a collaboration.

Do you see yourself becoming a shadowy producer behind other acts in the future?
BB : Yes, there’s lots of projects coming my way and I do things once in a while, but I don’t do enough because I’m so busy focusing on my projects… I don’t get to collaborate too much at this point. But I love doing it, it’s fun doing different projects outside of the genre I’m in.

read the full interview in the April/May 2012 Issue

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