item of the week : koloth gown by Mother of London

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Just recently Mother of London launched their online store to much excitement and buzz about the internet. Mildred von Hildegard, designing as Mother of London has been a beloved fashion designer for many years but has always been elusive. In addition to the lust worthy leather she is well known for, the online store also features some beautiful knitwear. The Koloth gown can be highly accessorized for nights out or it can be simple for summer days.

The Koloth Gown is available online for $90 at

– Jennifer

2 comments on “item of the week : koloth gown by Mother of London”

  1. I can’t help but point out how unflattering the silhouette is. Even on this petite, lovely model it just hangs like a bizarre alien skin. I’d be interested to see this on a few different body types to see if it looks different. As a petite girl I would never wear it, I’d drown in it.

  2. Agree’ng with Kozy, but still cant help that pic on the left is beautiful – and propably only on this pic. She reminds me of a old times witch soon starting to levitate… :)

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