upcoming : The Dark Knight Rises

The long awaited third release in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is still months away but images of The Dark Knight Rises have emerged in a way that promises an epic climax to this most recent adaptation in the Batman franchise.

by Adam Rosina

Gather ‘round, children, and I’ll spin you a yarn. Once, a long time ago (two months on real time, a decade in internet years), the first six minutes of the most anticipated sequel of all time, The Dark Knight Rises, was released in select IMAX screenings (and leaked onto file-sharing websites approximately 12.5 seconds later), with the official trailer following shortly thereafter in a one-two marketing punch that left one floored in a way a very real fist to the flesh balloon would. And after a very brief, awe-struck silence, the twin camps of fan-dumb and Nolan-loyalists began to wage a war of words that would put Team Edward/Team Jacob feuds to shame just by virtue of sheer grating idiocy. “Bane sounds like a brain-damaged tuba soloist playing underwater!” cried the haters. “You must trust Nolan! He is not for the likes of ye mere mortals to question! HE IS THE WAY!!!”, fired back the First Church of Christopher Nolan (and Jonathan Nolan, too, we guess… kinda). And thus it went. But now, the dust has finally settled, and all parties have retreated to their respective Batcaves, to pleasure themselves with a rolled-up trade paperback of Knightfall as they await, with pathological intensity, the next bit of TDKR marketing. So I felt the time was right for me to put my two cents in. So strap in, nerds! Lemme walk you through a few thoughts, observations, and merit-less predictions I’ve come up with in the wake of the prologue/trailer two-fer!

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