seven deadly questions : Aesthetic Perfection

Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection reveals how he sins.

interview by Mike Kieffer

Daniel Graves is the founder and sole creative member of the electro-industrial band Aesthetic Perfection. This past November All Beauty Destroyed was released, the bands third album and first to be released by Metropolis Records. With this release, Graves has carved out a highly addictive album full of witty lyrics, powerful vocals, and smashing beats.

Lust – People magazine puts you on their cover, shortly thereafter young teenage girls deem you aesthetic perfection and therefore the new heartthrob. Explain your reaction and future actions.
Daniel Graves : I think I’d just be really confused and frightened. Teenage girls are insane, I’d probably have to be a hermit and never leave the house at that point.

Sloth – Three separate friends ask you to help them move for the next three weekends, do you help out or come up with excuses? If you do indeed decide to help out, what excuses would you have used?
DG : If all three were really good friends, I’d begrudgingly help them. I’d complain a lot, but I’d help. If we weren’t tight I think I wouldn’t even bother making up excuses. I imagine I’d just tell them that carrying a couch up a flight of stairs for a casual acquaintance is not how I picture a perfect weekend.

read the full interview in the December/January 2011/2012 Issue

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