item of the week : The New Rules of Attraction by Arden Leigh

Arden Leigh’s The New Rules of Attraction: How to Get Him, Keep Him, and Make Him Beg for More

You should be done with your holiday shopping by now, so it’s time to get something for yourself. And if you’re not done shopping… than all the more reason you’ll need to turn your attention inwards. Pick up a copy of Arden Leigh’s brand new and first book, The New Rules of Attraction, and between holiday parties this weekend and next use it to kick back, relax, and focus on you. Arden Leigh is a fresh voice on women’s dating and relationship strategies with experience in neurolinguistic programming, psychology, pickup artistry, and the fetish industry, and a long time contributor to Auxiliary Magazine. But her writing is on more than just dating and seduction, underlying that, it is about being the person you want to be, strong, confident, and able to get what you want. For a taste of what this book has to offer check out her advice column in Auxiliary Magazine, “Ask Arden”, or her blog “A Weapon of Mass Seduction”.

The New Rules of Attraction is available online for $15 at

– Jennifer

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