in attendance : Psyclon Nine at Halloween Massacre 7

New York NY, October 30 – Pysclon Nine, the beloved aggrotech band,  has made a huge come back. From taking almost a year-long break to jumping on the stage at Gramercy Theater in New York City and showing fans they are still alive. The rumors may be true about why they stopped playing music, but it all doesn’t matter now, Nero Bellum has proven that he will not stop! The venue was packed full of screaming fans as Pysclon Nine rocked out newer songs and old songs, like “We the Fallen” and “Parasitic”. Fans grabbed Nero and pulled him close just to feel his presence once more.

On stage along with Nero was Rotny Ford, another original member of Psyclon Nine, Pan (Keyboards) who joined the band for just this one show, and two new members of the band, Jared Warren (Bass) and Kylie Megaera (Drums). Nero has stated that Abbey Nex will still be in the band he was just unable to make this show.

When speaking with Nero I asked why now? He told me he has been writing a lot and not just music. He played guitar for Dismantled, a band out of L.A, and when they played here in New York City in July, Jet Berelson, foundered of Vampire Freaks, pulled Nero aside asking him to do a Halloween show.

The show was a success as well as the night itself. People dressed up for Halloween, there was a costume contest, and tons of candy everywhere! It was like being a kid trick or treating again! Will Psyclon Nine tour soon? It’s a secret Nero says, but the twinkle in his eyes says it’s coming.

– Emily Strange

photos : Emily Strange

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