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For over twelve years God Module has injected a healthy dose of creepy into the dark electro scene. We had the chance to interview Jasyn Bangert, the mastermind behind it all, as he once again sets loose his imagination and musical talents to eager fans with the release of God Module’s new album Séance on Metropolis Records.

interview by James S. Cole, Kelly Cole & Mike Kieffer

God Module seems to be a band that cares a lot about and has a close connection with it’s fans, how does this relationship effect the band?
Jasyn Bangert : One of the great things about God Module is that we have some very devoted and supportive fans. In response to this I have always made a point to go out of my way to stay in contact with our fan base on a personal level. Since I was a kid I have been deeply involved in the gothic/industrial/alternative scene and I still remember every time I met people in bands who were important to me. Now that things have changed and I find myself on the other side of these situations, I’ll be honest that I do find it strange from time to time but it is also just as important to me as it is to them. I don’t take our fans or our success for granted in anyway.

What is your personal favorite song on Séance and which song do you think will excite fans the most?
JB : At this point my favorite song is “Doppelgänger” for a few reasons. I really like the synths in the track and think they give the track a pretty but unsettling, eerie feeling. I used samples from the  film Happy Birthday To Me when I had my yearly viewing on my birthday this year. They really fit perfectly with the lyrics and the theme of the song. As for the rest of the CD I think the songs “M.D.K.” and “Rituals” are going over really well live.

read the full interview in the October/November 2011 Issue

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