item of the week : cyber pvc leeloo costume by Artifice Clothing

Artifice Clothing’s Cyber PVC Leeloo Costume

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The futuristic and campy movie, The Fifth Element, may be best known for the character Leeloo, played by actress Milla Jovovich. While most of us may not remember most of the plot or even the other actors in the movie, we do remember Leeloo’s white PVC banded outfit that I’m sure made millions drool. Well, Artifice Clothing has infused their knowledge of PVC costuming into the Cyber PVC Leeloo Costume, available in a variety of colors including white, black, pink, and yellow. Not only would this make a great costume for the Halloween season, it’s a great piece for cosplay events, photoshoots, or fetish events.

The Cyber PVC Leeloo Costume is available online at

Be sure to check out the October/November 2011 Issue designer spotlight on Artifice Clothing.

– Meagan

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