designer spotlight : Heavy Red

Enshrouded in a sensual darkness, Heavy Red has always catered to those seeking something more from goth style. An icon and designer whose workmanship has entitled them to countless loyal fans and followers, Tyler Ondine Whitman and the crew at Heavy Red continue to redefine the concept and approach to gothic by playing with both subtlety and drama always with an air of sophistication. For connoisseurs of a darker aesthetic, a darker beauty, the future of goth fashion has never looked so bright.

photograher : Jennifer Link
fashion stylist : Meagan Hendrickson
makeup artist : Andrea Losecco
hair stylist : Erin Moser
model : Agatka
interview : Vanity Kills

Heavy Red’s fashions bring out the best in a woman without overshadowing her. This great achievement can be partially attributed to the countless hours designer Tyler Ondine Whitman invested into studying and photographing the female form in all its variance; from the bare flesh of strippers, swaying from the poles of Chez Paree in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, to the hyper-exaggerated visages of femininity presented by pageant winning drag queens in Alabama. Repeated exposure to this colorful Lucite heeled and be-sequined cast of characters taught Whitman how to articulate sensuality-drenched garments which readily invite flattery and praise, instead of simply drowning the wearer in a metric ton of lace, ruffles and tulle netting. As Heavy Red tirelessly continues to uphold the maxim of, “you should wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you,” Tyler teases with previews of their fall 2011 collection, shares relevant tips on swimsuit season survival aimed at the black-clad crowd, and talks of perusing the principles of form fitting design at nudie bars.

Heavy Red is getting ready to launch their fall collection, what surprises do you have in store?
Tyler Ondine Whitman : Heavy Red is itself like a young woman, one who is always discovering new facets of her personality. One who explores her sexuality, one who redefines herself through substance and style. A woman who can be the picture of elegance during the day and a down right naughty spectacle after dark. The new fall line has so many exciting elements to help you create a look that is an absolute you. This season suitings, herringbones, pinstripes are playing a big role. Corsets like you have never seen before which will leave you breathless. Our new winter coat is in the works, definitely a must have for fall season. As always I have had some extra fun with some very over the top skirts. I am continuing to push the boundaries of what one could call a hoodie, with all new draping and accentuating of the silhouette. And of course some very unexpected surprises to tantalize the sophisticated Heavy Red shopper.

read the full interview in the August/September 2011 Issue

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