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We all have a penchant for the dark, the macabre, and the taboo. Nottingham UK’s Krissy Gore of Gore Couture makes this otherwise “secret” fascination a part of her everyday. In a word: sick, but we love it that way. It is the one-of-a-kind artistry that goes into each corset fashioned at GC that brings the taboo to the forefront, but makes ownership of any of these creations an experience in blood-soaked craftsmanship.

photographers : Iberian Black Arts Photography and Bodó Janos Attila
models/stylists : Morgana, Elyssia, RazorCandi, and Silent Noise
interview : Vanity Kills

If sugar and spice and everything nice isn’t exactly the first thing you look for while corset shopping, there’s always broken mirror shards, disembodied doll heads, and stitched cadaver flesh. Let’s face it, sometimes gratuitous use of graphic horror violence warms the cockles of one’s blackened heart in ways pink floral brocade never will. Such occasions call for wearing something that makes a truly visceral impact. Like a gore-geously crafted steel boned underbust, bedecked with printed pages straight out of a serial killer’s diary — complete with eyelids harvested from those who perished at her hands. At times like this, Krissy Gore of Gore Couture makes exactly what it takes to quench your sartorial blood lust. This master craftswoman and corsetière, adept at glamourizing the ghastly, will clothe your inner zombie/vampire/bird of prey in tight-lacing garments designed to elicit stares of awe and admiration alike. Who says that torture and dismemberment shouldn’t be synonymous with style?

When did you first discover your love of corsetry? When did the deciding moment of merging your love of horror with your love of corsets take place?
Krissy Gore : I discovered my love of corsetry many years ago. For me they were always the icing on the cake to any outfit, whether on show or worn as a foundation garment. Gore Couture was a natural progression having already worked and been associated with other alternative clothing companies. I was already making corsets and was wanting to combine my corsetry skills with my art when I met Miss Fiendish who at the time was making some pretty awesome PVC prints. We got together and created Gore Couture. GC is now just myself, Krissy Gore, creating all the designs, prints, and embellishments from scratch.

view the full feature in the June/July 2011 Issue

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