focus : week 28 – Klutæ and Juno Reactor

focused music news for week 28 : July 10th to 16th 2011

July 12 – Claus Larsen’s other project Klutæ (not Læther Strip) is out with a new album, Electro Punks Unite, on WTII Records. I remember in the mid 90s running around in circles, filled with teenage angst listening to early Klutæ. This new album still has that classic EBM energy, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and powerful vocals that tuned me into an adrenalin hyped monkey.

Check out the new video (it is one of the slower songs).

July 12 – Remember Juno Reactor?  Metropolis Records is releasing Inside the Reactor which is a remix album of classic Juno Reactor tracks. Now I know that remix albums don’t really get too many people all bonkers and the real news is that Juno Reactor is almost done with a NEW album expected to be released this fall! YAY! In the meantime dig up all your old records and purchase this new remix album in anticipation. Also next time you hear “God is God” at the club think about how that track came out in 1997, there is so much more out there and hopeful in the fall there will be that much more.

For a little flash back, check out the classic “God is God” video HERE.

– Mike

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  1. I had no idea Larsen was still maintaining Klutæ as a side project. This post prompted me to reacquaint myself with 1991’s Excluded, just so I could bask in the aggro absurdity that is “Shotgun Blues”!

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