upcoming : Vans Warped Tour 2011

June 24th to August 14th – Vans Warp Tour ’11 starts this Friday in Dallas and with a slew of dates around the country (USA) it should be stopping close to wherever you are. This year features the usual crap load of  bands with the main stage being reserved for; The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandriam, 3OH!3, Gym Class Heroes, Less Than Jake, Against Me!, Attack Attack!, Paramore, Pepper, A Day To Remember, August Burn Red, Jack’s Mannequin, and D.R.U.G.S. If you are in a band and want to play main stage of Warped Tour, I suggest changing your name to start with the letter A.

Now it’s time for Grandpa here to tell you a story from back in the day. The year was 1995, I was 15 or 16, math is hard at my old age, and there was this sweet punk rock festival coming to my home town of Buffalo. The bands like Quicksand, L7, Wizo and others I can’t remember, rocked hard and wound all the kids up to hyperactive levels. Then it rained and the field where the stages were turned to mud. Shortly after there was no grass to be seen a band called Sublime went on. They sucked and as a way of showing their opinion, a bunch of hooligans threw mud at the band and started booing, Sublime quickly turned away and went off stage and the crowd went nuts!

more info at www.vanswarpedtour.com

Mike Kieffer
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Mike Kieffer is a founding member of Auxiliary, its Music Editor, and DJs under the name Darago.
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