item of the week : perpetual distraction bathing suit by Heavy Red

Heavy Red’s Perpetual Distraction Bathing Suit

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Most dark clad mavens recoil from the sun in horror, but there are times that you do need to set aside your gothic sensibilities and enjoy a dip in the pool. Slather on the SPF 100 sunscreen, put on a wide-brimmed hat a’ la Lydia Deetz, and slip into the Perpetual Distraction Bathing Suit by Heavy Red. The black and white patterned (sorta like an up close spider web!) classic cut bikini will help you enjoy warmer months without having to compromise your noir style entirely. It’s rare to find a unique designer bathing suit for under $80, so snatch up this limited piece!

The Perpetual Distraction Bathing Suit by Heavy Red is available online at

– Meagan

Meagan Hendrickson
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