seven deadly questions : Caustic

Matt Fanale of Caustic reveals how he sins.

interview by Mike Kieffer

Envy – You put out a call for remixes for an upcoming album, your archenemy sends in the bomb of all tracks, how do you handle this?
Well, if the Jonas Brothers want to remix one of my tracks I’d probably release it.  Their fans will buy freakin’ anything from them.  Just kidding.  We all skin pop together and use the same dominatrix (they’re realllly into violent ballplay, which I find creepy). However, I consider my real archenemy [to be] bad oral hygiene, and I don’t even think it has a decent copy of Cubase anyway.

Gluttony – If human was on the menu, would you eat it and who do you think would taste the best?
This is one of those situations where you just do it for the story.  If I had my druthers, or even half my druthers, I’d eat Bryan Erickson from Velvet Acid Christ.  Since he’s a raw vegan he’s probably the healthiest, most organic meat out there in the scene.  If I’m going to break massive societal taboos it might as well taste good, right?  Is he going to take that as a compliment or want to kick my ass for that one?  Oh well.

read the full interview in the April/May 2011 Issue

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