focus : week 19 – ohGr and Tim Skold

focused music news for week 19 : May 8th to 14th 2011

May 10 – Nivek Ogre is back in the spot light but it’s not the Skinny Puppy album that has been teased for three years or so, instead we get the ohGr album unDeveloped.  Well the last release Devils in my Details was a bit lackluster for the five-year wait, unDeveloped has only two and a half years of expectations to live up to. Let’s just say you wont hear anything like “Feelin’ Chicken”.  Be sure to check out our full review in the upcoming June/July issue.

May 10 – In the April/May issue we featured exclusive photos and interview with the multi-instrumentalist, Tim Skold, who has contributed to many bands over the years, including KMFDM and Marilyn Manson. On May 10th he released his second full length album since 1996, Anomie.  I personally listened to the début album way too many times to count and once I dug it out of storage I instantly remembered all the lyrics. Anomie doesn’t disappoint this long time fan.

Check out our interview with Tim Skold in the April/May 2011 Issue!

– Mike

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