upcoming : [FAT] Toronto Alternative Fashion Week 2011

Toronto ON, April 26-29 – [FAT] or Toronto Alternative Fashion Week is coming up and the schedule was just released last week.  This is a great event to see some of Toronto’s best alternative fashion designers show their lines on a runway.  In addition to the fashion there are performances, photography and videos on display, and installation art set up in the dressing rooms backstage at the venue. This year [FAT] will take place at 99 Sudbury and advance tickets are $25 for a day pass and $70 for a week pass.

Some of the alternative fashion designers showing this year…

April 26th
Asphyxia – The dark creations of designer Alexandra De Francesco.

April 28th
Dystropolis – Futuristic cyberwear, showing their new collection “Apocalypse of Black Venom”.

April 29th
Toxic Vision – What heavy metal looks like in garment form.
Dianna DiNoble, Starkers Corsetry – Beautiful custom corsets.
Pippa – Bold, colorful latex.
Fashion Whore – Fun and playful clothing to make a statement.

A little about this year’s theme…

The |FAT| 2011 theme “Fashion Schematics” explores the messages, systems, schemes, symbols and concepts inherent in the notion of fashion, through photography, video, fashion design, performance, installation and music. The festival will look at the ways we create visual dialogues and make sense of the world through fashion and creative expression. “Fashion Schematics” will examine how we build the systems in which we function, the strategies we use in creating our identities and the messages we convey through codes, currencies and narratives.

April 26th FASHION NARRATIVES – showcases the mythological, theatrical and imaginative realm of fashion. Designers and artists communicate ideas, concepts, stories and messages through visual dialogues and narratives.

April 27th NATURAL CURRENCIES – investigates the power of nature, sustainability and the use of natural elements as a dominant influence in creating design and art.

April 28th FASHION/UNFASHION – battles between two opposing directions in art, performance, design and music: the commercial versus the rebellious. Artists explore the ever-changing cycle of trends inherent in fashion and highlight the contradictory concepts of what’s in vogue.

April 29th DRESS CODES – explores work influenced by different cultural groups, subcultures, demographics, sex and gender identities, looking at the social significance of clothing and who we are as defined by what we wear.

To purchase tickets and for more information go to www.alternativefashionweek.com.

– Jennifer

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