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Back with their fourth studio album, the self-proclaimed, “greatest electropunk band in the world”, Alice in Videoland have A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You! Vocalist Toril Lindqvist and Anders Alexander, the main writing force of AiV along with Johan Dahlbom and newest member Martin Kenzo have fully matured the AiV sound and put together a solid album filled with unforgettable pop hooks, flirtatious vocals, and a jumping dance beat. With the album’s first single, “Spaceship”, having already hit the national charts in the band’s home country Sweden, A Million Thoughts is sure to be winning fans and filling dancefloors near you!

interview by Jennifer Link

So you claim to be the ‘greatest electropunk band in the world’, what are your arguments to support this claim, please present your case. [smiles]

Anders Alexander : Well… [laughs] We have fans from Belarus to Mexico that also claim we are, so we are not the only ones! And after releasing four albums we have a lot of confidence and a steady ground to walk on…

On A Million Thoughts and They’re All About You is a cover of the 1988 international hit “Buffalo Stance” by Swedish singer/songwriter/rapper Neneh Cherry, is she an influence you’ve drawn on for Alice in Videoland? What other artists or musical styles have you drawn on for Alice in Videoland?

Toril Lindqvist : I wouldn’t say she’s an inspiration but the way she is mixing singing with rapping might be close to what I do. I’m kind of weak for cheesy 80s and 90s music. [laughs] People have asked us where we get our inspiration from for eight years now and we still can’t come up with a good answer on that. It differs a lot, we have never had specific artists that inspire us, maybe that’s why we sound pretty unique.

read the full interview in the February/March 2011 Issue

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