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Making her own way amongst media-made personalities, Hollywood based Audrey Kitching is a multi-faceted, self-made phenom. Now the owner of two clothing brands inspired by punk and vintage fashions, Tokyolux and Coco De Coeur, Audrey continues to achieve independent successes.

interview by : Clint Catalyst
photographer : Ama Lea
fashion stylist : Sharon of Toxic Vision
wardrobe : Toxic Vision
model : Audrey Kitching

You’re one of the few individuals who’s parlayed your notoriety as an ‘internet personality’ into several successful, revenue-generating business ventures. To be honest, I don’t think I could name all the different companies that are either your own, or with whom you’ve worked, in the last year alone. As a starting point, would you please clarify that facet of your life for us? In other words, 2010: what brands were affected by, or resulted from, your ‘personal brand’ of Audrey Kitching?

Audrey Kitching : Wow, this last year has been a whirlwind. If I could ever be at the right place at the right time it’s now. When I was younger and first got into styling, modeling, and writing I was clueless. I say that now coming from experience. I listened to a lot of the wrong people, I was told what to do and was horribly taken advantage of by more companies than I could count on one hand. With that being said, they were opportunists and I was very naive. Not the best match. After being beaten down and used as a puppet, you eventually wise up or get eaten. Luckily for me being someone’s snack was never an option. Today I am the proud owner of two knitwear brands. The first being Tokyolux which is elegant vintage-inspired clothing with an edge, followed by the unisex punk rock royalty best known as Coco De Coeur. They are still a baby, neither of them are a year old yet. The possibilities the future holds with designing is so exciting to me at the moment. Those are the only brands I have been attached to that are designed, created, and owned by me!

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