seven deadly questions : Freezepop

Liz Enthusiasm and Sean Drinkwater of Freezepop reveal how they sin.

interview by Jennifer Link

Envy –  Twenty years from now a band covers one of your songs and becomes wildly successful from it, what is your reaction?

Sean : Since we would receive all the publishing money and the dollar amount would greatly outnumber any mechanical royalties the artist might receive, our
reaction would likely be, ‘right on.’

Liz : I’d hope they did a good job of it. I’d get a little cranky if they butchered it. But, like Sean said, I guess I’d have my humongous piles of cash to console me.

Gluttony –  Have you ever considered making and marketing a Freezepop freeze pop? If you could put into production any Freezepop branded food or beverage product, what would you make?

Sean : We looked into it but not very deeply. I’ve always thought a Freezepop soda line would be pretty interesting.

Liz : Years ago, an alcoholic freeze pop company got in touch with us about doing some cross-promotion. They sent us some samples, but it never really came together. Honestly, they did not taste ‘the best’. Sean has made some pretty nice drinks using freeze pops as ingredients though. They are quite aesthetically pleasing.

read the full interview in the February/March 2011 Issue

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