upcoming : The Bazaar of the Bizarre

Toronto ON, March 20 –  Toronto based fashion designer known for their sophisticated cyber wears, Plastik Wrap is hosting their spring edition of The Bazaar of the Bizarre in Toronto this weekend.  The Bazaar of the Bizarre is sort of like a craft show but the way you’ve always dreamed one could be with unique and alternative vendors, from artists, to craftsman, to fashion designers, and more.  The spring editions, such as this one, are circus sideshow themed (in fall they offer a Halloween themed edition). 

Some of the vendors this year include Plastik Wrap and BitchCraft of course, Fashion Whore, Dark Destiny Designs, Clockwork Zero, and more.  You can view a full list of vendors HERE.

I attended last year’s spring Bazaar and it is a great event, not to miss!  You can pick up all sorts fun stuff  for yourself or it really makes a great place to shop for unique gifts. Last year I purchased a handsome zombie velvet throw pillow from Sew Scary (also vending this year) as part of a wedding gift, and the bride and groom loved it!  (I’ve seen a sneaky photo from the bride of her husband cuddling the pillow in his sleep to prove it.)

For more info visit www.thebazaarofthebizarre.org.

– Jennifer

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