film review : A Serbian Film

Surrounded by controversy by its nature; an artistic film with a legitimate sociopolitical message or exploitative torture-porn trash?

by Adam Rosina

If you’ve ever fooled yourself into believing in the existence of a just and loving god, I present to you A Serbian Film (Srpski Film in its native Serbia) as evidence to the contrary. If the world was truly a good and decent place watched over by a benevolent deity, something like this would simply not exist. It is the most soul shattering and (sadly) accurate cinematic portrayal of human cruelty and capacity for sadism ever made. Nothing even remotely comes close to the sickness of this film. Not Salo. Not August Underground. Nothing.

The film, directed by first-timer Srdan Spasojevic, tells the story Miloš (Srđan “Žika” Todorović), a former porn star with near-superhuman sexual endurance who’s fallen on hard financial times. He gets a job offer through an old fuck-movie colleague to work on an art porn flick (later revealed to be an outright snuff film) for an ungodly amount of money. Wanting to provide for his wife and young son, he reluctantly agrees, and is slowly walked through a series of increasingly bizarre and violent sex scenarios under the direction of the mysterious Vukmir (Sergej Trifunović). Miloš’ grip on reality slips as his sexual appetite and disgust grow, until it’s revealed that he’s been drugged all along with a combination of mind altering substances and bull Viagra (not even making this shit up). He is taken captive by Vukmir and his film crew to be coerced into a series of still more depraved acts of sexual violence. From here on out the film rockets toward a climax so shocking it doesn’t put Oldboy’s twist ending to shame so much as it bends it over the chair and fucking humiliates it several times over.

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  1. Masonic floor, Alice in Wonderland, the spirit from the lamp with saber, you a traveling to another dimension! It is a Masonic film!

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