new york fashion week : Rag & Bone fall 2011


The designer duo known as Rag & Bone put their fall 2011 women’s collection down the runway at NY fashion week. Technically the first thing that comes to mind when I see this collection is it’s paneling. I know it’s very anti-climatic to most, but not to me. This is an art that has been meticulously curated by many and mastered by few. Paneling is the trend that has really captured me intently in the last year. It is difficult to find garments that achieve it in a way that is both chic and flattering, not to mention unique. It can very easily end up looking like retro color blocking or worse like patchwork.  Rag & Bone seem to have inspired themselves and their viewers to look at the very shapes themselves within the garment from without. Arranging balance through contrasting weights in fabric, as well as size in the shapes and panels creates a very tasteful asymmetrical balance.

Esoterically this collection reads to me as though there were an emphasis on the strength of the female essence, utilizing the influence of earthy Native American tribes to Scottish warriors. I also felt a very worldly region based almost patriotic feel, like they took every culture’s essence and turned their designs into mini futuristic tribal tributes to each.

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– Molly Hoeltke

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