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photo : Luke Copping
hair : Erin Moser
makeup : Leane Steck
interview : Jennifer Link

Mike Kieffer is the head music editor for Auxiliary Magazine.  Mike oversees the music content for each issue and is constantly seeking out new, fresh, and quality music.  He also writes music reviews, interviews, and the occasional blog on Auxiliary’s website.  With a background as a DJ and event promoter and organizer, under the names Darago and netwerk23 respectively, Mike has a good experience base to draw on and also works to promote and market Auxiliary.

What do you do at Auxiliary Magazine?

I handle everything music related, from gathering promotional materials, coordinating reviews, arranging interviews, etc. Also I help with the brainstorming for the rest of the features and sometimes I rip apart photo editorials only to be put in my place by the other editors who think the work is brilliant.

What skills and experience from your background as a promoter, event organizer, and DJ do you use as a music editor for Auxiliary?

Being a techno and EBM event organizer/promoter and a DJ has taught me many lessons about what music is great and what music the masses love. I try to balance popular with original in the magazine.

You have the chance to play a DJ set at any event/venue, where and what do you play?

Where is irrelevant as long as there are over a million people chanting my name. Since the DJ set would be a 24 hour marathon set I am sure I would get to play everything, I would start out with minimal techno sliding into electo-industrial then into industrial hardcore to hardcore techno to booty house then tech-house to tech trance to minimal tech, and I would end the night with an obnoxious song that will make all the people regret that they stayed to the end. Mostly because I will want to go home and if everyone leaves then I can.

You have the power of time travel, what one live performance past or future would you attend?

I really don’t know this, since I don’t have much knowledge of kick ass events. Plus I have seen a lot of the bands I would want to see. I guess I would like to see Orbital play to a massive crowd with lots of neat lights.

What mix-matched genre or musical style combination needs to happen?

I think most everything has been tried, most of them shouldn’t have existed. I really like glitch combined with anything, so give me more glitch hybrids and I will be a happy man.

A main drive for creating Auxiliary was to do something about all the complaints floating around about ‘the state of the scene’, is there really something wrong with the scene, do people just always complain, or is it because the music industry as a whole has been going through major changes?

I think the scene suffers because the kids these days don’t have the attention span to work hard to put together great events. This requires  a lot of time and real life social networking, adding 2,000 Facebook friends to an event page wont cut it. There is fantastic music out there and if the local events embrace new music it will force the majority to follow suit.  Stop playing the floor fillers from 1996! If an event happened and everyone left thinking, ‘damn, there was a ton of good music and I didn’t know any of it,’ they will go home and try and figure it out, hopefully.

Do you think the fashion drives the music or the music drives the fashion?

I guess it depends on the subculture. But you have to have clothes to wear to the clubs, without this social gathering most fashion wouldn’t exist.  If I lived in me remote mountain cabin by myself with my mp3 player, I think I would only wear my pajamas with my dragon slippers. Although if it was streamed on the internet and people tuned in because I played good music maybe that would inspire a fashion trend and all the followers will wear dragons.

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  1. “Mostly because I will want to go home and if everyone leaves then I can.”

    “… maybe that would inspire a fashion trend and all the followers will wear dragons.”

    Absolutely brilliant. This is why he’s in charge, folks – don’t question it.

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