designer spotlight : Bibian Blue

Spain’s underground fashion can likely hold a torch to the tight lace, undulating ruffle, and arresting shades and colors of Bibian Blue.  Using the corset in so many interesting ways, including steampunk, couture, and glamour designs, the catalogue of style at Bibian Blue appeals as much to the imagination as to the delight of the world over.

interview by Zach Rose and Meagan Hendrickson
photographer : María S. Varela
makeup artist : Jose Valle and Masuimi Max
hair stylist : Jose Valle
models : Masuimi Max, Bárbara Masiá, and Miss Doll

Could you tell us about the origin of the name “Bibian Blue”, how did you come by that name?
Bibiana : My real name is Bibiana and Blue is an adjective that when I started, described perfectly the sort of mood that I wanted to transmit into my clothing. Nowadays my collections are more colorful and diverse but still keep the romantic feeling of it. I think it suits my designs.

Your designs clearly have a lot of passion behind them, what are the goals or principles you try to adhere to when creating them?
BB : I just do what I like, I don’t really think about it that much. With time I am getting more confident about my ideas, so I just let them flow. I love to experiment with new directions.

What is your design process and how has it changed over the years?
BB : When I start a collection, I find the general concept of it, and I spend a few months looking for inspirations toward that direction, like colors, shapes, and fabrics or anything that I find interesting or related to the concept of idea of the collection. When part of the designs are drawn, then I start to make them. Some of them are the same as they were drawn and some end up completely different from the original idea, but in any case, there’s been a few months of work behind them.

read the full interview in the December/January 2010/2011 Issue

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