music video : O.Children – Ruins

Formerly of Bono Must Die, Tobi O’Kandi’s new project O.Children has made a slow but steady impact upon the music scene, bringing a moody post-punk sensibility that is more a total reworking of the genre than mere homage. Diverging from the throwback styles of other post/punk/pop acts whose sound can seem disingenuous at best. O’Kandi’s vocals have a certain rawness that lends a more aggressive flavor to O.Children’s sound, a trait rare is other modern frontmen working in the genre, whose affected boredom and laconic sound is more posture than passion. Though their album was prefaced by a number of singles in the UK and finally released in mid July, their presence stateside has been a steadily growing phenomena to the point now where a critical mass and more notable attention is not far off for them here in the US.

– Luke Copping

Luke Copping
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