seven deadly questions : Andy LaPlegua

The front man of and mastermind behind Combichrist and vocalist for Icon of Coil reveals how he sins.

Gluttony – If Combichrist was stranded on a desert island, who would be the first member to be eaten for survival? And how long would you hold out until eating them?

I don’t know, the first one to be eaten… I think that would have to be, that would probably be Joey. Because both Z Marr and I are bigger than the other guys, and um… [laughs] Trevor is very good at manipulating so he would probably convince us to eat Joey before him. [laughs] So I guess how long? I don’t know, that would be until we get really hungry I’d guess.

Sloth – You get to plan your ideal vacation with no limitations. Where do you go and what do you do?

I think I would stay at home for a month. And nobody would be allowed to call me. [laughs]

read the full interview in the October/November 2010 Issue

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