fashion find : Iron Fist fug boots

Iron Fist fug boots

Iron Fist fug boots, Wolfbeater left, Motophyscho right
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I’m not going to deny it, I’ve been debating buying a pair of Uggs for this winter.  We get a lot of snow where I live, and I hate cold, those boots just look so damn easy and comfy.  Yet the idea of wearing Uggs was bugging me.  I remember a trip to a strip mall last year where I noted 80% of the girls at the Panera we stopped for lunch at were wearing Uggs and the same trend was happening in the Target we went to next.

Problem solved!  Enter Iron Fist’s fug boots.  Available in several styles this fall, each one cover in bold, bright, horror-inspired print. And at $40 for the knee-high and $37.50 for the calf-high boots, who can complain! Much less expensive than a pair of Uggs. It’s a perk that they are vegan-friendly but my main concern is warmth and durability.  Being made of synthetic materials, I’m afraid they won’t be as warm as sheepskin or as durable.  But for the same cost as one pair of Uggs for the winter, you could get a couple of pairs of Iron Fist fug boots and then have more variety!  I think I’m leaning toward the Ladies Wolfbeater, love the contrast of the bloody fangs to the cute red ribbon, and the Ladies Motophsycho, the grey on black calvera print is fun yet subtle.

Iron Fist fug boots, Zombie Stomper left, Muerte Punk right
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from Iron Fist fall 2010 look book
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The Iron Fist fug boots are available online at

– Jennifer

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