inspiration : Jessica Jean – aristocratic allure

photographer : Luke Copping
hair stylist, makeup artist, and fashion stylist : Jessica Jean

Meagan Hendrickson :

The days of long ago when ladies had hats and gloves for every occasion and looked like they glided across the floor in long flowing gowns may appear only like a scene out of a historic movie, but modern women are taking glamorous and romantic notes from eras such as, the Victorian era, the 1920s Jazz Age, and the Elizabethan era, and combining them into current ensembles that embody a grace and pose of aristocratic women. Contemporary cuts are being found in historic inspired designs, such as this black velvet jacket, which is reminiscent of a 1800s women’s riding jacket. The lush material of this jacket draws the attention upward and accentuates the nipped in waist line.

The black satin ball skirt is a common and versatile piece in any notable women’s wardrobe. The long flowing layers of fabric keeps some mystery to the women’s body and while seeming demure in nature, showcases a women’s beauty and grace as an extension of their sensuality in it’s use. Women could use the ball skirt or ball gown in flirting with just a twirl and flicker of the piece, very abstract to the modern world, but alluring and intriguing still. Dancing, moving, or even walking in such a large garment can be quite cumbersome and laborious, but once mastered feels delightful and even free as your legs are not restricted.

While I could go on describing each piece and the inspiration Jessica Jean’s aura, expressions, and mood bring to me, I am delighted to see the appreciation for by-gone eras where sweat pants, hoodies, and jeans were not even a glimmer of an idea. Our society has become so casual, sloppy, and morose in terms of dress that any reason to appreciate fineries in this modern age makes it a little bit more fashionable. Empires may have risen and fallen and the aristocratic age is over, but who’s to say you can’t dress up for an evening of cocktails and dancing to take you to on a journey.

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