item of the week : apollo cockpit bow tie by Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Cyberoptix Tie Lab’s Apollo Cockpit Bow Tie

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Dear Great Pumpkin,

I’ve been a good girl this year and along side all the delicious candied treats you bring, I’d like an Apollo Cockpit Bow Tie by Cyberoptix Tie Lab. Please! Please! Please! I know I may have cussed a few times, picked my teeth with my fork, and possibly been too crapulent from time-to-time, but I really deserve a treat. This nice bow tie is a must to go along with all the millions of button-up collared shirts I own and it makes me look like a Dandy!

Thank you Great Pumpkin! I believe in you!


The Apollo Cockpit Bow Tie is available online at

Meagan Hendrickson
Meagan Hendrickson was a founding member and now is a fashion contributor for Auxiliary.
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