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Heavy Red’s Tragic Alice in Wonderland Costume

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I implore you to think outside of the “sexy” bagged Halloween costume this year and take a look at what Heavy Red has been cooking up in terms of costuming. The Tragic Alice in Wonderland costume ensemble really caught my attention because there are three separate pieces that you can wear together for the Halloween season and then can be incorporated into your regular wardrobe. When you purchase the costume you receive the Tragic Alice dress in muted teal, a steel boned waist cincher in antique white with red stripes, and the full length harlequin tights. I think that’s an excellent value and I’m impressed they even included the tights! Another nice option about this ensemble is that the sizing is not one-size-fit-all, you can choose your dress size and choose the corset size, which takes the guessing game out of ordering costumes online and wondering if they are going to fit. If you fell in love the Tragic Alice in Wonderful by Heavy Red, I would get your pre-order in as Halloween is quickly approaching!

The Tragic Alice in Wonderland Costume is available online at

– Meagan

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