item of the week : red uglydoll tote bag by Uglydoll

Red Uglydoll Tote Bag

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I am a firm believer in reusable tote bags and you certainly can’t have enough bags. The red Uglydoll Tote Bag steals my heart because it has a giant Ice Bat one side and a whole crew of Uglydolls on the other side, too cute! I actually received one of these cute tote bags from my two nieces (since they know I’m a big kid) and I have been using it to tote around items to photo shoots, carry groceries, and to cart various other items. I am so impressed with the construction and durability, and with the $6 price tag it is an awesome find. This tote would make a fun gift and it’s not UGLY (get it Uglydoll? Ugly? OK I’ll stop).

The Uglydoll Tote Bag is available online at

– Meagan

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