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By Nieves natural body care products are an apothecary influenced natural body products rooted in the traditions of herbal medicine and natural pampering. Their products combine a sense of old world ingenuity and simple elegance that reinterprets well into the needs of the modern beauty product consumer.

“C”Perfect Skin

This may be a magic potion for your skin. We live more active lives, deal with a great deal more air borne pollutants in our daily lives, and have skyrocketing stress levels. Needless to say, our skin is putting up with more than ever. Nieve’s “C” perfect skin, used regularly over a course of week, recovered our test subjects skin from everyday wear to the point that she now regularly goes out without makeup. Her skin is clean and smooth, in visibly better condition, and glowingly healthy. For all the benefits though, be in store for some shocking results the first few days you use it. Especially if you experience some of the effects we witnessed. Notably, the serum seemed to be so effective on blackheads that they seemed to lift up out of the skin pores they are clogging and slough off in a slightly gross but effective process. This is a must have product, and extremely effective. Its natural ingredients are often replicated in other serums and skin treatments. There is nothing to exotic here. But in these particular ratios it does seem to be a more effective treatment than many other natural skin serums I have seen on the market.

Cloud of Protection

Cloud of protection is advertised as a mood and immunity lifting area spray as well as a hand sanitizer. And while the smell is wonderful, calming, a lightening, and it does make a more pleasing hand sanitizer than some of the nasty antibacterial slimes that are out there, we have found an even better use for it. I have not found a single product, in years, that covers and removes pet odors more economically that Cloud of Protection. One or Two sprays near a breezy window or vent is more than enough to circulate it through a whole room. Its a wonderful floral/herbal, but not sickly smell that seems to neutralize several of the more noxious odors of domestic animals, “fragrant” kitchens, and ripe bathrooms. Its not a chemically invasive as nasty aerosol air fresheners, and the effects last much longer. Even after the scent has faded, the air in the room will continue to feel lighter and fresher for some time.

– Luke

Luke Copping
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5 comments on “product review : natural body care products – By Nieves”

  1. I ordered the trail size to try it out. I will let ya’ll know how it works out, Thanks for the review!

  2. its been about a week using this product and I wanted to give you guys an update; its cool!
    no new pimples, improvement in texture, dry spots almost gone, slight reduction in appearance in black heads (still waiting for that slough off thing you were talking about but they definatley are a bit lighter and less), and im not greasy mid day like I used to be.
    definatley a produtct to try, Thank you guys so much for the review. keep up the good and awesome work!

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