inspiration : Collective Chaos Design – the risqué latex dress

photographer : Corrupt Image Data
fashions : Collective Chaos Design
model : Crash

Jennifer Link :
Latex is the material to turn to, to bring a larger than life and fetish, obviously, feel to any outfit.  My personal taste lean toward latex pieces that can be paired with other materials or have a classier feel to them.  But sometimes latex should just be what latex is best at; provocative, scandalous, and hot.  This Octopussy dress by Collective Chaos Design fits that bill perfectly.  Made from clear latex and emphasizing that it’s not providing covering where clothes normally do, it’s risqué and sexy but at the same time it’s just fun!  The graphic octopus design in purple and baby pink is just right for latex as the material’s nature allows for cut-out and layered shapes. The octopus is a great motif appealing to my interest in leviathans and Lovecraft. An all out there, suggestive latex dress like this is a must have for fetish parties or any more secluded, exclusive party. You could pair this dress with a cream colored latex thong and pasties if you’d rather keep you private parts, private. When opting for a dress like this, defiantly keep some of the class with a sophisticated hairstyle, like the asymmetrical soft curl look here.  For makeup keep it simple, clean, and classic, for example in this look the pink lips and elegantly defined brow do this well.  And look for a dress with a little tongue in cheek, this dress keeps it fun and doesn’t take its self too seriously.

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