everyday is halloween : an early shopping guide

It’s hard to even think about anything else other than air conditioning and cool drinks in August, but with back-to-school items also comes seasonal Halloween items! Halloween is my most favorite time of the year, when I can casually go shop and  feast my eyes upon rows filled with spiders, ghosts, black cats, and skeletons. I actually stock up on my household decor, like dish towels, candles, wall art, and other various spooky ookiness. I’ve learned over the years to look for items early because all the really neat Halloween decorations sell out so quickly! Let my obsessive investigative skills help you score some sweet Halloween swag.

image source potterybarn.com

Pottery Barn is always a first stop on my shopping quest as they have the classiest glassware. I fell in love with all their items last year when we received the 2009  cocktail collection as a wedding gift. The Halloween Etched Recipe Cocktail Shaker is just perfect for entertaining all year long and the recipes on the shaker are to die for! Check out the skull and crossbones detailing around the edges of the recipe, absolutely perfect!

You can buy the Halloween Etched Recipe Cocktail Shaker at www.potterybarn.com

image source potterybarn.com

In addition to the Halloween Etched Cocktail Shaker, this set of four Etched Tombstone Double Old-Fashioned Tumblers by Pottery Barn are a perfect match. The etched phrases are a little cheesy, but the tombstone styling makes up for it! Along with the shaker, these items are too pretty to store in the cabinet. If you have a bar, these could double as cheeky home decor.

You can buy the Etched Tombstone Double Old-Fashioned Tumblers at www.potterybarn.com

image source yankeecandle.com

Let me introduce you to the Boney Bunch by Yankee Candle. The Boney Bunch Hoot Gravel Owl is just an example of this awesome collection that Yankee Candle has been putting out  for several years. The Boney Bunch are too easy to get addicted to because they are just so kitschy and cute! Get these ghouls early, by the time October rolls around they will be long gone. R.I.P.

You can buy the Boney Bunch at www.yankeecandle.com

image source robertkaufman.com

Fabric? Duh! Halloween fabric is the BEST kind of fabric! The possibilities are endless with this Eerie Alley fabric by Robert Kaufmann Fabrics. The little hearses with the coffin falling out of the back cracks me up! Another bonus of shopping early is collecting fabrics to make tablecloths, pillows, table runners, etc. You can even start marking those groovy ghoulies off your Xmas list by starting to make their spooktacular gifts early.

You can buy the Eerie Alley Fabric at www.robertkaufman.com

Some other great places where Halloween goodies have been spotted are Michael’s craft store, Joann Fabrics, Spirit Store online, Target online, and Hobby Lobby. I hope I gave you a little glimpse into my excitement and possibly turned you on to a few places that you normally wouldn’t think of when acquiring dark decorum. Happy Halloween hunting!

– Meagan

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