item of the week : butcher stick pin by spragwerks

Spragwerks’ Butcher Stick Pin

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Spragwerks is the brain child of Rich Sandomeno and he is one of my favorite jewelry designers. His designs are solid, the craftsmanship is tip top and the style of Spragwerks is post-industrial meets the macabre. The Butcher Stick Pin really caught my eye as a versatile piece that can be worn by either sexes. I can see this pin accenting a gents fedora, adoring a ladies fascinator hat, or decorating the lapels of a dinner jacket. All of Rich’s pieces are handmade and as he says, “One of my strongest beliefs is that fads come and go but style last forever.” Spoken like a true craftsmen! Spragwerks does your wardrobe good.

The Butcher Stick Pin is available at

– Meagan

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