August/September 2010 Issue out now!

The August/September issue is the eleventh issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle.  This issue is packed with interviews, including Android Lust, Nina Flowers of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Michael Swaim of, and Andy Deane of Bella Morte.  The issue also contains a military inspired fashion editorial, a beauty editorial that will teach you to get smart, a style editorial guide to wearing harnesses, a mod inspired style feature, and editorials from two notable writers, Clint Catalyst and Grumpy Owl.  It also features DJ picks from Volvox, a beauty feature on how to achieve the look of a 2026 starlet, and fashion by Steam Trunk, Cyberoptix TieLab, Dace, S&G, Skingraft, Fluevog, Audra Jean, Garbage Dress, EC Star, Steady, and much much more.

You can download it HERE for free.   Print copies are available online HERE and in stores HERE.  Enjoy!

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8 comments on “August/September 2010 Issue out now!”

  1. I’m still so excited we got NINA FLOWERS as our pinup! She is one fierce LOCA! *swoon* I’ve only watched the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag U, I can’t wait to see Professor Nina Flowers!

  2. The first thing I noticed is how much I liked the black and white pic, compared to the colorized default picture you have been using–I like the way simple, dramatic black and white is being “rediscovered”.
    I am hoping that books, quality writing (editing!) will be rediscovered by the youth, before they all crumple enough greenbacks together to buy Kindles. As an avid reader from age 4, and former librarian, I had similar regrets over card catalogs becoming obsolete with the arrival of computers—I missed the fun of being able to browse physically the catalog drawers–the feeling of the cards on my fingertips. I missed being able to read the mini-synopses on them; I missed being able to discover a totally different book I wanted to read, while searching for the other. Bookstores! The small, independent ones–an explosion of magic and treasure hunting for the soul. . .there is no romance about a Kindle.
    Clint–what you wrote is an excellent summation of my mixed feelings about language(s). Your article, was of course, very well-written with a good-sized, thought-provoking “punch” at the end! Kudos again! I thought about ee cummings the minute you talked about punctuation, and there you were with that excellent quote–Thank you!
    Having read comments in the thousands on social sites, political fights, and even academic highlights, I wonder something a little more sinister—is the same generation who makes these letter-code abbreviations more-widely-used than ever also miniaturizing their breadth of vocabulary, knowledge, spelling, and even thinking?
    Even adult advertising executives are letting misspellings, misused and mispronounced language pass into magazines, billboards and television. They speak of “walking on eggshells”, “Voila” has become “Walla”. The youth may be making this decade’s waves, but knowledge we took as normal is becoming arcane. I know many High School Honors students that cannot write decently, muchless with analysis.
    How many of us even understand your rare usage of “portmanteau”? Clint you are well-known for your dark, decaying verbage, but I particularly admire your vast vocabulary, literary and analytical knowledge! I like a man of hidden depths!

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