interview : Amy Doan of Shrinkle and Sugarpill

The world is not enough for Amy Doan, she successfully conquered the DIY fashion scene with her signature brand of neon-colored, naughty-yet-nice apparel, known as Shrinkle, that a girl can party harder than Paris or Britney in, only to go home to cuddle with her Hello Kitty doll. Doan has spent the past few years concocting the perfect accompaniment to her not so secret stash of sequined tube tops and pink leopard print hot pants. Also known as Sugarpill Cosmetics, your newest, most spectacularly packaged antidote to the droll and predictable world of soft taupes, muted corals, pale peaches and anything else one wouldn’t catch a drag queen dead in. Rescuing natural beauty eschewing, pigment-starved club kids two eyelids at a time.

photographer : Kevin Marburg
hair and makeup : Tess Kim
model : Amy Doan
interview by Vanity Kills

Has the successful launch of Sugarpill inspired you to follow other dreams that you once felt were out of reach?

Amy Doan : I definitely feel a lot more confident about taking risks and embarking on new adventures. Before launch, there was always that tiny nagging insecurity that people might not share my love of this project that I poured my heart and soul into. But everyone’s reaction has been so sweet and supportive, I feel even more motivated to continue creating things that I hope people will love!

Many women (and fashion-forward males) secretly want to experiment with vivid high-pigmented hues, but shy away from color out of the fear of looking like a circus clown or a trailer park hooker. What advice would you give to Auxiliary Magazine readers who are novices to the wonderful world of in-your-face color? How would one wear an ostentatiously bright shade without it wearing them?

AD : Well first, I would tell them that there’s nothing wrong with looking like a circus clown or trailer park hooker. One of my very first inspirations for wearing bright makeup was when I was in my teens and saw a TV documentary about a tranny hooker. He had neon blue eyeshadow up to his eyebrows! I thought that was pretty sweet. I think you just have to remember that bright colors aren’t supposed to enhance your “natural beauty”, they’re more about having fun and just going for it. So don’t worry if you look like a crazy person! If you love it, then you will own it.

read the full interview in the June/July 2010 Issue

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