auxiliary profiles : Meagan Hendrickson

photo : Luke Copping
hair : Erin Moser
makeup : Leane Steck
interview : Jennifer Link and Zach Rose

What do you do at Auxiliary Magazine?

I am the fashion editor and one of the fashion stylists.

What overall vision do you aim to uphold when working as a fashion stylist and fashion editor for Auxiliary?

I like keep an attainable style in mind with regards to Auxiliary Magazine. I like to ask the question, ‘Would someone actually wear this and is it something that inspires?’ I like to style the magazine’s fashion as edgy, yet still being relatable in everyday life.

As a women with varied talents and skills, what past experiences do you draw on for your work with Auxiliary?

I have been going to clubs, raves (the 90s!), and art events since the age of 13. I’ve made a lot of bad fashion choices and have the photos to prove it! I like to keep those memories around to see my personal progress of style and influences. I think of it as a ‘look book’ into my own taste and fashion choices that I have today. These style lessons have helped me to see a large range in fashion styling that I infuse into Auxiliary’s voice about fashion, personal taste, and styling. I like to believe that you have to take risks sometimes to see an outcome that may be greater than what you expected.

What are your creative influences?

What doesn’t influence me?! [laughs] I watch a lot of Victorian Era mini dramas, watch a lot of music videos, and I love fashion magazines. I get very inspired by all forms of photography and now that I’ve started painting again, I feel more excited about color! I enjoy the spooky ookiness of the goth aesthetic yet, infuse it the with by-gone eras of the 40s and 50s.

In your opinion, what are the hot trends in alternative and mainstream fashion right now?

I see the 90s as a huge influence with large floral patterns and layering leggings with shorts. In alternative markets, structured jackets with very militaristic, pointed shoulders seem to be the rage, which I love! I foresee in the fall/winter mainstream designs that are featuring; structured ruffled garments, gathered bias cuts, and fur, let’s hope for faux!, trickling down into alternative designs.

What is your personal view on fashion? And to you what is the difference between fashion and style?

Fashion should be fun! There should be no rules that you put on yourself to fit into a specific genre, it’s like eating the same thing everyday! To me, fashion is something that is put out there by designers to tell you what to wear, how it should be styled, etc. While style is personal taste. Personal style is something that is selective and hones in on what truly IS the wearer, you’re not letting the clothes wear you. Fashion can be disposable in a trend sense, but if something becomes trendy that is your taste, then it benefits you! The benefit is that it makes something readily available to you and when the trend dies, you’ll still be able to enjoy the fashions as part of your personal style.

How, if at all, has working as a fashion stylist influenced your own personal style?

Oh yes! It’s made me learn more about the styles I love with all the research I do for magazine. It’s also lend me to trying new options that I didn’t know would fit my taste, it’s amazing how many different options there really are out there! I’ve got to fall in love with new designers and form a clearer ideal of what I’m becoming more comfortable in as I near my 30s.

What is one fashion mistake that you see all to often? And what piece of fashion advice would you give to anyone to live by?

People really do not understand their body type. I see a lot of men and women live by the trends of cut and fit too close for comfort, which usually results in a lot of unflattering combinations. Knowing your body and what really is flattering on you is a huge part of style! No one is perfect but, there are so many tricks with clothing you can do to achieve a look that is perfect, for you. The biggest fashion advice I give is, don’t let a size rule over you. Buy clothing that fits you and forget about the number, as every designer has a different size chart.

And lastly, who’s that little guy in your pocket?

Oh! That’s Ice Bat! I sorta have an unholy obsession with them, I own six in various size and colors. If you’d like to adopt your own Ice Bat check out!

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