music video : Klonavenus – The Loser

Klonavenus is self distributing their new single The Loser and with only an EP out before this, it doesn’t shame me that I know absolutely nothing about the band. What I do know is that this song has infected me and I find myself randomly humming the melody and belting out the lyrics, (usually directed at someone). The video for “The Loser” is not all flashy and over produced, it is low budget. You could say that it is a through back to the early EBM videos of the 80s/90s. Call it what you will but I like it.

– Mike

Mike Kieffer
Music Editor
Mike Kieffer is a founding member of Auxiliary, its Music Editor, and DJs under the name Darago.
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  1. Your first impulse is to hate this video because it seems so cheesy, but then the raw sincerity of it, and the catchiness draw you in!

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