item of the week : hoochie ghoul wallet by Travis Pitts for Tinymeat

Tinymeat’s Hoochie Ghoul Wallet

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My fellow editor, Luke Copping, hipped me to this item on I had never seen this website and was pretty impressed with the items, the website and it kicks Etsy’s ass (even though I sell on Etsy, eep!). The Hoochie Ghoul Wallet for Tinymeat, illustration done by Travis Pitts, is a great example of not only a sweet wallet but, an affordable piece of art you can carry around in your pocket. The girlie ghoul illustration on the front of the wallet is too damn cute, along with the interesting clear inside that makes it easy to find your dollar, dollar, bills, y’all! The great part about Tinymeat is that they feature independent artists and produce ethical handmade accessories. Check out their website

The Hoochie Ghoul Wallet is available at

– Meagan

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