inspiration : Sharon TK – Victorian serenity

dress by Unhinged

photographer : Ama Lea
hair stylist : Margarita Ivette
makeup artist and model : Sharon TK
fashions : Kambriel, Unhinged, Romantic Threads, and Topsy Turvy

dress by Romantic Threads

Meagan Hendrickson :
The romanticism of Victorian era fashions gives a feeling of structure, elegance, and prudish morality. It seems strange to even consider in that long past era it was disgraceful for women to show a glimpse of an ankle! From then to this modern day there are many brilliant designers still evoking the Victorian aesthetic mixed with creative non-historically accurate designs.

While many photographers pursue the avenue of showcasing striped bloomers, whimsical bow laden dresses, and brilliant damask-patterned frocks in an old library or perhaps have models perched on an antique camel-back sofa, photographer Ama Lea and model Sharon TK choose a serene waterfall to adorn this backdrop. Many Victorians went to the country for health, relaxation, and to escape the polluted cities, could our fair fiery haired lady be lamenting with a broken heart, or merely seeking solitude by the rushing water?

The shallow depth of field and the relaxed expressions of model Sharon TK may not answer these questions, but her pose and the tranquil setting brings out some of the subtle detailing on the garments. My eye is drawn to the use of stripes and black and white checkered trim featured on the Unhinged dress. The dress has a peculiar alternating patterned detail on the front of the skirting, which aligns with the bows on the bust of the dress. In the same Victorian vain, Kambriel’s bustle jacket and bloomer ensemble share the same whimsical and historical use of stripes like the Unhinged dress, but has a more relaxed structure. Our lady adorns herself in a Topsy Turvy hat in addition to the Kambriel design whilst nestled in a tree’s embrace. While, the Romantic Threads gown is truly not Victorian, the damask print and use of over sized bows is reminiscent of the afore mentioned styling. Truly this dress is a Marie Antoinette inspired gown, yet ties all these three looks together in this inspirational homage to the by-gone Victorian Era.

outfit by Kambriel with hat by Topsy Turvy

Meagan Hendrickson
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