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fashion designer : Antiseptic Fashion
photographer : Zach Rose
makeup/hair : Jessica Jean
model : Nicole Vescio

Zach Rose :
Antiseptic Fashion, the brainchild of Los Angeles DIY designer Billy Vahan combines love for the fetish (leaving little to the imagination) with a unique blend of steampunk and neo-Victorian designs.  With fully customizable pieces such as asymmetrical leather posture collars, accessory belts, and underbust corsets reminiscent of fetish meets glorious rebellion.

Billy Vahan and Antiseptic Fashion’s Phrixus leather posture collar holds the head up high (and quite literally keeps your spine in alignment) while adding a regal display of bizarre.  While not an everyday item in your fashion arsenal, it adds just enough of that “kink” for those of you who prefer restraint yet not without a touch of elegance.

Jennifer Link :
With such a distinct piece, it is key to let it shine as the main focus and keep the rest of the look clean.  Neatly slicked back hair keeps the hair from interrupting the beautiful neck line a posture collar highlights. Opt for strong defined brows and subdued lips. False lashes will balance nicely with the posture collar and give your makeup a bolder look, while still allowing you to keep the rest of it subtle. Elegance like this is perfect for summer evenings out that call for some sophistication.

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